About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help family’s hold to the Truth of the Scripture in a decaying world, to proclaim the Gospel to the lost. To make Jesus Christ the head of the Church, And to give God the Glory in all Things.

Who We Are

The Church at Troy is a Lordship Church, we are not incorporated and a non 5013C church. We are a small group of local believers seeking to serve and honor God.

We are a Bible believing Church that holds to the truth of King James Version. We strive to make Christ the head of the Church and not the State as according to Colossians 1:8. We are not a Corporation we are a body of believers, we are not a business we are a spiritual entity, we are not just a social gathering but a called out assembly.

The Church at Troy is determined to obey the Scriptures and to Give Christ his preeminence and headship of the Church for which he suffered, bled, and died for on the Cross. We hold firm to the fact the Jesus Christ purchased the church with his blood and it is not for sale. Our main desire is to humbly and peaceably submit ourselves and the church to the savior.

Meet Our Pastor
Meet Our Pastor

Stephen Beatty is the Second son of James Clyde Beatty who faithfully Served as the Senior Pastor of the Church at Troy for over 30 years. Pastor Stephen is a down-to-earth pastor who loves his family and loves the Church, his messages are lively with an emphasis and zeal for the Gospel. Compassion for people and an uncompromising desire for truth to prevail are at his core. Pastor Beatty has been faithfully feeding the sheep at the Church at Troy since 2008.